• Business Association

    This organization is known nationwide as a top speaking venue for prominent business and government leaders. Despite its prominence, memberships were in decline. A consultant worked with the new CEO to assess membership satisfaction and identify the long-term financial value of each membership type. Initiatives were launched and a subsequent measure demonstrated marked improvement for…

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  • Economic Club

    A 2,000+ member economic club sought to revitalize its declining membership. The board hired a new CEO, and in her first year she worked with a consultant to develop a membership satisfaction program with the goal of improving the club’s membership retention. The program gave the new CEO specific factors to focus on for improving…

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  • Financial Institution

    This Christian organization provides loans to churches by providing competitive fixed investment products to congregation members. While total assets were over $250 million, recent growth remained flat. This group sought a consultant team to gather feedback from investors and loan recipients to make product and service recommendations. Recommendations involved concrete actions to increase investor engagement.

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  • Art Museum

    A well-known Detroit museum sought assistance in further developing its website. After working with a consultant to understand how to serve the customer segments, a new site architecture was clearly needed. The consultant worked with the client resources to identify a strategic partner who offered services for approximately 30% of original cost estimates.

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