Charter School Initiatives

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Grand Valley State University President Thomas Haas said, “There are some wonderful things ahead for Detroit and Grand Valley.” This Detroit Free Press article by Carol Cain, senior producer and host of Michigan Matters, highlights one of the most significant aspects of improving Michigan: our education system. Cain praises Grand Valley State University’s collaborative successes in helping with charter schools around Detroit. Funding 25 charter schools in the metro Detroit area and 25 out-of-state, GVSU plans to start up to 8 more schools in 2013.

GVSU is able to work together with businesses and organizations to reach their goals. They recently collaborated with Cornerstone Schools and Detroit Medical Center to open The Cornerstone Charter Health High School.

GVSU represents a much larger force of school funding initiatives. Other universities such as Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan, and like-minded individuals including Robert Thompson, who provides scholarships for charter school graduates, contribute in the pursuit of better education.

These efforts between schools, organizations, and businesses demonstrate the kind of teamwork Michigan needs to build a better economy.

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