Quality vs. Quantity: Focusing on the True Principles of Education

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Public schools buzz with the news of classes that were cut, teachers that were laid off, and perhaps worst of all, teachers moved to a department where they are less than proficient. The students don’t seem to fare any better. According to Snyder’s Special Message on Education Reform, 50% of Michigan students have acceptable writing skills and ACT score assessment revealed 238 schools failed to have a single student that was ready for college.

While the many atrocities appear daunting, they could actually be incentive we need to turn education around 180 degrees. This low point could be Michigan’s golden age for innovation. Snyder’s education reform focuses on rewarding academic success, constantly evaluating teachers, and encouraging parent involvement—three key principles of education.

Snyder seeks to award money to deserving schools. He differentiates between the reform and the old system when he says “Our statewide school funding should also be based upon academic growth, and not just whether a student enrolls and sits at a desk.”

The policy of teacher evaluation is also more logical. The new system will help to treasure brilliant teachers, and cease to tenure mediocre ones. This also opens up the possibilities for further evaluation, and, perhaps, a parent-student feedback survey.

Finally, the new plan allows families take more initiative in the student’s education. Snyder plans to increase the amount of charter schools and offer more options for college credit. This strategy encourages determined and high achieving students.

While money is still scarce, a new plan for education helps to streamline the current needs.  The preexisting assets can be utilized through logic and efficiency.


Snyder unveils plan to reinvent Michigan’s educational system

 A Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder

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