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SMART Strategy

SMART Strategy involves coordinating four core capabilities: research, innovation, strategy, and management.

  • Research – understanding and engaging the ever-changing market
  • Innovation – developing a business model that delivers what the market needs
  • Strategy – designing a winning approach for succeeding in the market
  • Management – making it all happen by building a team and delivering results

SMART Strategy brings all four capabilities to life to enable adjustments to internal operations or external circumstances.  There are five components to SMART Strategy:

  • System – an integrated system across all business functions
  • Measures – key measures that show the health of each area
  • Analysis – rigorous analysis turning measures into insight
  • Reporting – broad reporting that delivers insights to the right people
  • Translation – ongoing translation of insights into action

The Baker Strategy Group helps companies grow through SMART Strategy, an approach for understanding your markets and translating market insights into business growth. Our work is concentrated into four main areas: China business development, advanced manufacturing, education, and non-profit associations.

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