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Test Industry

Business Association

This organization is known nationwide as a top speaking venue for prominent business and government leaders. Despite its prominence, memberships were in decline. A consultant worked with the new CEO to assess membership satisfaction and identify the long-term...

Economic Club

A 2,000+ member economic club sought to revitalize its declining membership. The board hired a new CEO, and in her first year she worked with a consultant to develop a membership satisfaction program with the goal of improving the club’s membership retention. The...

Financial Institution

This Christian organization provides loans to churches by providing competitive fixed investment products to congregation members. While total assets were over $250 million, recent growth remained flat. This group sought a consultant team to gather feedback from...

Art Museum

A well-known Detroit museum sought assistance in further developing its website. After working with a consultant to understand how to serve the customer segments, a new site architecture was clearly needed. The consultant worked with the client resources to identify a...

Local Residential Real Estate Market

The Ann Arbor area residential real estate market is on the rise . . . mostly. Many of the key metrics show a positive change. The Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® provides a monthly report on key residential real estate listings and sales. According to the June report, the number of 2013 YTD listings was up 22% year-over- year for the same period, jumping from 684 listings in June ’12 to 835 in June ’13.

Don’t Seek a Queen Strategy

A common mistake among novice chess players is to bring out the queen early in the game. But this often leads to a loss. In our client work, we often see a similar phenomenon in competitive strategy. Executives get lured into bringing out their queen without developing all of their pieces.

Sometimes the Best Metrics May Be Counterintuitive

There is no shortage of customer experience metrics today: digital data feeds, customer profile data, cross-channel performance, operational data, etc. The trick seems to be in fully understanding and focusing in on the key sets of metrics that really matter to build and sustain customer lifetime value across all channels.

Why Your Customer Service Team Should Be Upselling

Customer service representatives have a tough job. They must represent the face of the company to customers while being internally monitored and measured via a myriad of metrics: first call resolution, call length, and percent of transfers, to name a few. Fortunately, when done well, upselling customers and ensuring customer satisfaction go hand in hand.

Where are You in Measuring the Customer Journey?

Every company now has mechanisms for capturing customer feedback. As the discipline of customer connectedness matures, the real challenge lies in orchestrating these feedback mechanisms across the customer touchpoints and throughout the organization.

Why You Need to Measure Both Performance and Impact

If you capture feedback from your customers, odds are that you use some form of a performance scorecard to determine how well your company is doing at delivering a great customer experience. You probably also have competitive and industry benchmarks that you can reference to ensure that you’re performing at the level of your peers. This is good . . . but it may not be enough. If you’re not careful, you might actually allocate resources to the wrong areas of the business.